“Ramos Reveals the Reason for His Return to Sevilla”

Sergio Ramos, the former star of Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain, has revealed the reasons behind his decision to return to his former club, Sevilla, during the current season.

Ramos arrived in Sevilla recently to undergo a medical examination and sign the contracts before the official announcement of the deal.

During his statements to the reporters upon arrival, Ramos said, “My presence here represents a commitment I made to my father, grandfather, and Puerta (a former Sevilla player who passed away in 2007).”

He added, “I am happy to be back, and it didn’t make sense to go anywhere else before coming here.”

Ramos will play for Sevilla for one season, with the option to extend for another year, in exchange for a modest salary, as reported by various media outlets.

Ramos is returning to Sevilla after 18 years since his departure, choosing the Spanish club over offers from other clubs such as Union Berlin, Besiktas, and Galatasaray.

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