Bendebka’s wink for national coach Belmadi

The Algerian international and midfielder of the Saudi Al-Fateh Club sent a message to the Algerian national coach, Djamel Belmadi, in the form of a wonderful goal.

Bendebka played all phases of the match that brought together his club Al-Fateh against Al-Khaleej Club yesterday, Friday, in the sixth round of the Saudi Roshan League. The player number 28 in Al-Fateh contributed to his club’s victory with a wonderful goal he scored in the 66th minute after a one-on-one with the Al-Khaleej goalkeeper, where he raised the ball over his head with great skill.

Followers of the Saudi Roshen League believe that Bandebka is one of the best midfield players in the league, especially in his offensive contribution, as he scored his second goal in six rounds after his goal scored in the fifth round against Al-Ahly Jeddah.

So how will Belmadi deal with the huge number of midfield players and their excellent levels?

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