“Developments and Challenges in the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) Election Crisis”

Over the past few hours, there have been rapid and significant developments in the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) election crisis, scheduled for September 21st of this month. Specifically, these developments concern the three candidates who submitted their nomination files to succeed the resigned president, Khireddine Zetchi.

Each of these candidates is striving to resolve their respective issues and form their executive committee in order to present their complete candidacy to the Nomination Committee within the legal deadlines. This comes after new developments emerged following the initial review of the nomination files submitted before the nomination deadline, which was on August 27th of the past month.

Regarding candidate Abdelkarim Medouar, it appears that his chances of remaining in the race are very slim due to his lack of a university degree, as required by the FAF regulations. The FAF regulations stipulate that a candidate for the presidency of the Algerian Federation must have a high-level educational qualification.

As for the second candidate, Mziane Ighil, he has been informed of the rejection of his nomination file because he does not hold membership in the General Assembly of the Algerian Federation. Furthermore, the authorization he received from the president of the Association of former Algerian national team players, Ali Fergani, is not recognized because membership is granted exclusively to the president of the association.

In light of this rejection, President Fergani was forced to step down from his position, and new elections were held on Sunday morning. Ighil was elected as the new president of the Association of former Algerian national team players to allow him to present his nomination file legally before the Nomination Committee.

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