The troubles of the beginnings are a concern for the fans and Hyproc seeks to build a competitive team for the futur

At the beginning of every football season, Hamrawa is pessimistic about the future of their team, Mouloudia of Oran. 

However, now the majority of fans in Oran see a wonderful future for Mouloudia after Hyproc acquired the majority of the shares of Mouloudia Oran’s sports company.

This is despite the difficulties the club faced with the start of the 2023/2024 football season, due to the lack of qualification of new players, the settlement of debts, and late preparation. This is confirmed by the team’s physical trainer, Mr. Houssam Zorgati, in an exclusive statement to L’Equipe Foot.

According to him, the beginning of the preparation was very late and that the players did not reach the physical strength desired by the Mouloudia technical staff, while he believes that this is a normal thing at the beginning of the season and he is also satisfied with the level presented by the players in the first two matches of the league. 

As for the issue of qualifying new players, he told us that at the present time the technical staff does not have any information about when the new players will receive licences, but they continue to work at a high pace, especially on the physical level, since they are not playing matches yet. There are other special training for them until they are qualified by the professional leagueof football, in the hope that they will be qualified as soon as possible. 

Regarding the winter Mercato support, Zorgati stated that he would not address the issue of contracts during the winter transfer period with coach KheirEddine Madoui and the rest of the technical staff. He also said that the team is working with what is available and perhaps there will be no new contracts in the winter Mercato, but until then a specific strategy will be developed if Mouloudia, with its technical and administrative staff, has the ability to bring in new players, given what the current players will offer during the first leg of the season and what the market will provides.

Finally, he assured us that the objective set by the administration, which is to achieve the remain  as soon as possible, is an objective that can be achieved in a club the size of Mouloudia of Oran, which must always aspire to the best and win trophies in the future.

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