FAF: Officially, Walid Sadi is president of the Algerian Football Federation

Walid Sadi officially became the new president of the Algerian Football Federation and the first dirigeant in the Dali Brahim building this morning, Thursday, September 21st.This was after the FAF’s electoral general assembly was held.

Voting was held in the presence of 82 members, 76 of whom voted to approve Sadi’s presidency, 5 of whom voted to reject, while one member abstained from voting.

After his election as president, Sadi affirmed his full support for the person of the national coach, Djamel Belmadi, and stressed the necessity of working together to restore the prestige of the national team in Africa. For his part, Sadi opened the doors for former federation presidents to work together and exchange experiences for the benefit of Algerian football. He also indicated that he had previously working in the corridors of CAF and knowing all the behind-the-scenes of the first body in African football.

As a reminder, Walid Sadi was the only candidate for the presidency of the FAF after the files of Meziane Ighil and AbdelKarim Madouar were rejected by the electoral committee in the FAF, headed by Ali Malek.


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